What If Practicing Yoga Out of the Water Could Help You Perform In the Water?

Could A Little Prana Be the Key to Improving Your Swimming Performance

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Swimming is demanding.

Long-lasting participation in the sport requires strength, mobility and endurance.

But you knew that when you started… and you didn’t let it stop you.

Let’s make sure your body doesn’t stop you, either.

We’ve Completely Customized Our Yoga Program for Swimmers and Multi-Sport Athletes

Each session is purposefully designed to provide you with seven key benefits:















Mental Skills

"When it comes to swimmers, Jeff's approach to yoga is on point. He works directly with our team and I cannot stress enough how beneficial his Swimming-Specific Yoga program is for any swimmer who is looking to maximize their potential."

Brent Hayden

2007 World Champion (100 freestyle)
2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist

What are YOUR Goals?


Whether you’re looking to beat a personal best, swim in your first open water event, or qualify for national championships in twelve weeks— yoga can contribute to your progress and help to prove yourself to yourself.


Let us help YOU come out on top!

Why Do Yoga With Us?


I have spent over half of my life coaching swimmers and multi-sport athletes. After searching for a more effective way to train on dry land I began implementing yoga into athletes programs.

The benefits I saw them experience both physically and mentally were powerful. I knew if the practices were designed specifically for swimmers we would see even better results.

That was a huge factor of why I became a yoga teacher. Now after designing swimming-specific practices for the better part of the last decade I want to share them with you.

I want these practices to be a way to not only enable you to improve your performance, but to increase your wellness and keep you in the water for many years to come.

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Concerned About The Time Commitment?


We completely understand. Your schedule is just as demanding as your workout routine

You’re training 5-6 days per week, managing your nutrition and doing your best to stay on top of your mental game as well. There isn’t much time for anything else!


Our Online Program is a Practical Solution


NO Commuting

NO Expensive Membership Fees

NO Crowded Yoga Studios


Choose Classes Ranging From 10-60 Minutes in Length


PLUS The Added Convenience of a Pause Button

Need to step away to let your pet outside? Can’t ignore an urgent phone call? Need more time to focus on a specific move or practice?

Hit pause on your video at any time! You control the pace.

Amanda Heath

British and European Masters  Record Holder

"I love Jeff's style and really like the way he explains the poses and their application to swimming."


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With 100+ classes to choose from, you can select a session that meets your unique needs at any given time. Classes range in length, focus, and experience level for a comprehensive training experience.

We’re Not Only Professionals. We’re Athletes Who Get It.


We teach yoga to swimmers because we are swimmers.


We understand...


What it means to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. We have survived rigorous workout regimens, shoulder pain, numb limbs, and waiting hours just to swim a 60-second race.


We also understand...


The immense joy that comes from finishing your race, looking up at the board, and seeing a time you’ve been wanting to see for months, and the excitement that fills your chest when you hear people cheering for you each time you come up for air.


We haven’t just studied it. We’ve lived it.


And we know the one truth every competitive swimmer knows— that we lose ourselves in our passion, but we also find ourselves there too.

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Paul Yetter

2008 Olympic Team Coach

"Jeff brings a rare combination of having coached swimming and also being a certified yoga instructor."


Find out what other


are saying!

"Since retiring from competitive swimming, yoga has been my go-to workout to stay fit, and Jeff Grace has been my go-to yoga teacher and expert.


Jeff's depth of knowledge enables me to dive deeper into my practice, stay balanced and remember to leave it all on the mat."


Mel Stewart

1992 Olympic Gold Medalist (200 butterfly)

Nick Szucs

Masters World Championships Qualifier

"As an aging competitive masters swimmer, both flexibility and core strength have become of increasing importance in my dryland training regimen. Unfortunately, like many time constrained adults, conventional "stretching" often ends up on the backburner (it's boring). Enter Jeff -  he has created a focused program to target my swimming specific needs as a sprinter and has effectively improve my mobility in the pool."

I highly recommend Jeff's program for anyone trying to maximize training efficiency while keeping it interesting."


 Brenton Ford

Creator of Effortless Swimming


"Jeff is able to combine his knowledge of yoga and swimming to create classes that are perfect for developing an athlete's mobility, awareness and control of their body which translates to better performances in the pool"


Marilyn Chychota

Marilyn Chychota Coaching

Professional Athlete 2003-2012 (Ironman Champion)

"It can be tricky to incorporate yoga correctly for the specific needs and limitations of an endurance athlete.

Jeff’s program broke these barriers. He designs specific routines that address all these needs.

No more wasted time doing posses that don’t benefit you, or time wasted driving to classes the aren’t specific to your performance needs.

Thanks Jeff for helping my team have better recovery, mobility and performance benefits from incorporating yoga into their program."

Barbara Halls

English Masters National Champion


"As a masters competitive swimmer in the UK I have always known that yoga for swimmers is highly recommended, but I never seemed to be able to find the time previously to fit it in.

I am enjoying having developed a yoga practice and that is all thanks to Jeff. I am used to fast paced activities but I’m enjoying the control and concentration yoga requires."

Raben Dommann

Canadian National Team
5km Open Water


“Jeff is very knowledgeable in the practice of yoga and how it connects to the sport of swimming, and has helped me so much over the years.

By combining the art of yoga with the specificities of the sport of swimming, I have been able to improve my swimming specific strength and flexibility, which has allowed me to progress myself in the pool.

The way that he is able to allow me to disconnect myself from all the distractions around me, while finding a deeper connection with my body and mind, has made his class an amazing experience for me as an athlete.”


Richard Funk

2017 World Championships Bronze Medalist


"Jeff at Swimming Specific Yoga has provided a wonderful complement to my training regimen as a high performance swimmer. 

Jeff's vast knowledge of essential breathing techniques and swimming-centric poses is evident from the first session we worked together; he teaches crucial relaxation and recovery elements to anyone wanting to become a more well-rounded and complete athlete." 


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  • Seven day free trial
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  • Over 100 classes ranging from 10-45 minutes with one new class being added each week

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