Practicing with Curiosity and Awareness

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2020

After a yoga session with an age group team this weekend the head coach spoke about how he loved the way the athletes had to be fully engaged. How the practice required them to be aware of what they were doing with their bodies and curious about how they felt when they did it.

It was an hour of focused practice.

Going on auto pilot when training is often the norm. It is about how to go farther, push harder, but not always about being truly aware or engaged.

I don't want to lose you here.  For many of us training is an escape from the stresses in life. The repetition can be almost meditative, providing an opportunity to let go of many worries and concerns. 

There is no judgement in these words (that would not be very yogic of me ;), I often train in the exact same manner. What I am proposing is ask yourself some questions of how you might do things differently.

Are curiosity and awareness words that come to mind when you think about training? Play with the...

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