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Mel Stewart

1992 Olympic Gold Medalist 200 butterfly

Since retiring from competitive swimming, yoga has been my go-to workout to stay fit, and Jeff Grace has been my go-to yoga teacher and expert.

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Do you want a simple sequence of poses that can help not only improve your strength, but also the mobility and rhythm you need to swim butterfly, breaststroke and your underwater more efficiently?

Then the yoga push up is the answer. This sequence is a great way to build upper body strength as well as the mobility in your hips and spine.

Shoulder Stability Sequence for Swimmers

Shoulder stability exercises are extremely important for swimmers to include in their dryland training. The following four poses target the rhomboids, serratus anterior as well as the middle and lower trapezius. Using these poses in a sequence incorporates both scapular stability and core control. This sequence should be done following the rhythm of a full breath at a slower speed to promote greater stability and control.

Four Yoga Poses for Swimmers to Focus On

A yoga practice for swimmers should focus on opening through the front of the body and strengthening the back of the body while also developing both body awareness and breathing efficiency.

In this video you will learn four yoga poses that swimmers can use to address these areas.

Yoga for Swimmers Express Class

Core Strength

Looking for a quick way to crush your core? In this Yoga for Swimmers Express Class we focus on stabilizing and strengthening the core while working with the breath.



Yoga For Breaststrokers

This yoga for swimmers sequence has been created specifically for your breaststroke.

Breaststroke is a unique stroke requiring different needs in the way of hip mobility and stability. In this yoga for swimmers sequence you will learn ways to develop hip mobility and stability as well as body awareness.

This video is a little different in the first half of the video you will learn the sequence in great detail and in the second half of the video you go through the sequence more quickly moving through each pose with one breath.


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